Many new contenders vie for Board of Directors

With polls soon closing for the Board of Directors election, ONA members have had ample opportunities to meet and chat with the 22 candidates and the four new Advisory Board members.

The latest opportunity to meet the candidates vying for the six seats available on the ONA Board of Directors came at the ONA conference yesterday afternoon. Of the candidates, only six are running incumbents. Last week, two candidates dropped out of the race.

Elections began Thursday and will continue until Nov. 13. ONA will officially announce the new Board of Directors to the public Nov. 20.

The Board of Directors includes the executive officers, one At-Large Member, one General Counsel and nine regular members.

Candidates range from communication academics to practicing professionals in the journalism industry.

New candidates:
John Abell, New York bureau chief,

Laura Cochran, content manager, ContentOne, Gannett Co. Inc.

Eric Easter, vice president, Digital and Entertainment, Johnson Publishing

Micah Gelman, executive producer, U.S. Video, The Associated Press (AP)

Joshua Hatch, interactives director, USA TODAY

Robert Hernandez, assistant professor of professional practice, University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Gary Kebbel, dean, College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rob King, editor in chief, ESPN Digital Media

Michele McLellan, circuit rider at Knight Digital Media Center,  Knight Foundation

Susan Mernit, editor in chief, Oakland Local

Eric Scherer, director, Strategy and External Relations, France-Presse (AFP)

Ingrid Sturgis, assistant professor, Howard University

Will Sullivan, Donald W. Reynolds Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute

Jonathan Weber, editor in chief, The Bay Citizen


Jody Brannon, national director, News21

Neil Budde, President, Chief Product Officer,

Cory Tolbert Haik, Deputy Editor, Universal News Desk, Washington Post

Katie King, senior product manager, Portal and Partnerships, MSN UK

Ken Sands, online editor, Bloomberg

Amy Webb, principal digital media consultant, Webbmedia Group

Four new journalist elites will join the Advisory Board, which the Board of Directors hand selects. The Advisory Board oversees the organization with an outsider perspective, looking at the big picture, said Joshua Hutch, the ONA conference co-chair and the Interactives Director for USA Today.

Advisory Board:

Richard Gingras, CEO of Salon Media Group

Mark Walsh, CEO of GeniusRocket

Vivian Vahlberg, president of Vahlberg & Associates, and project director for the Knight Community Information Challenge

Eduardo Hauser, CEO and founder of DailyMe, Inc.