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A look at the 2010 OJA winners

Student journalists document the celebration as the winners of the 2010 Online Journalism Awards are named at ONA10.

Speak up: #ONA10 session culture

Facebook was only seven months old when journalists and Web enthusiasts convened for the Online News Association’s first conference in Hollywood, Calif., in 2004. Blogs were still sometimes referred to as “Web logs.” Real-time social media? Barely there. Take a look at this 2004 comment from conference attendee and college professor Barbara Iverson: Real time blogging […]

No winner for new student award

“We’re not just going to give an award because it’s a statue we have”

How one woman invented her own job

Mandy Jenkins didn’t go to a big university (she’s a Kent State grad) and she says she didn’t have an impressive portfolio, either. So when Jenkins began her post-graduate job search, she also started learning about multimedia. That self-education has paid off.

Live blog: Media reincarnation through the eyes of Vivian Schiller and Tim Armstrong

During lunch today the ONA Student Newsroom is live blogging a panel discussion, moderated by Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of All Things Digital, with two major leaders in the digital media industry.  Tim Armstrong, CEO and chairman of AOL, and Vivian Schiller, president and CEO of NPR, share their insight and experiences on media reincarnation […]

Covering 'Crisis Reporting' in crisis mode

GRAND BALLROOM SOUTH — Crisis reporting captures real-time disasters and produces uncut footage and information as news happens. Reporters adapt to whatever technology is on hand. The session Quakes to Coups features four experts in covering international conflicts and disaster.