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Journalists reluctant to discuss Wikileaks at conference

Tomorrow’s keynote session, “A Wikileaks Download,” will focus on  how the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will affect journalism and the role of the Internet in news. But several ONA attendees asked to talk today on camera about the organization’s means of  leaking the classified […]

WSJ experiments with social media to tell narratives

Zach Seward, outreach editor of The Wall Street Journal Online, told a packed conference session on social media storytelling how the Wall Street Journal has experimented with using the popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to tell narratives.

Panel grapples with commenting policies

When Andrew Noyes, Facebook’s manager of public policy communication, asked a packed room of journalists how many of their news organizations did not have a Facebook page, not a single person raised a hand.

Covering 'Crisis Reporting' in crisis mode

GRAND BALLROOM SOUTH — Crisis reporting captures real-time disasters and produces uncut footage and information as news happens. Reporters adapt to whatever technology is on hand. The session Quakes to Coups features four experts in covering international conflicts and disaster.