iPad apps used at conference

ONA10 is a technology hub with attendees using the latest devices and apps together to make their experience interactive during sessions and as they talk and network around the exhibit tables. Look at some of the apps your fellow attendees are using at the conference on their iPad.

Andrew Haeg of American Pubic Media shows off his Flipboard app

Flipboard : It takes your twitter feeds, Facebook, and other RSS feeds and transforms them into a magazine format for easy viewing and scrolling.

Cory Bergman of MSNBC.com displays his twitter app

twitter: Brings your twitter account everywhere with you.

Also check out: TweetDeck with more features including live tweeting, multiple columns, and shortening your url links.

David Carlson from the University of Florida shows his Gowalla app on his iPad

Gowalla: is a location check in app

Also check out: foursquare is another location check in app and you can gain “badges” based on the amount of times you check into locations and how much you use the app.

Steve Elfers of USA Today shows the Newsy app that he overheard someone mention at ONA

Newsy: According to the app website, it’s a “multisource video news analysis”  of the latest news out there.

Giles Wilson From BBC News shows the WordPress app he has been using on his iPad

WordPress: An essential app for anyone who wants to keep up with their WordPress blogging.

Other apps that people used or recommended for the iPad: