Meet the ONA10 Student Newsroom, supported by Google

The Online News Association is delighted to announce the members of the ONA10 Student Newsroom, who will provide intensive coverage of our annual conference, Oct. 28-30 at the Marriott Renaissance in Washington, D.C.

Adding to our delight: A scholarship, provided by Google, will cover travel and lodging expenses for the 21 students staying in the nation’s capital for the event.

The students will bring a rich, varied set of multimedia skills and fresh perspective to ONA10 coverage. Mentored by working journalists and journalism professors, they’ll cover people, events and issues using a range of digital formats and styles, including interactive text and graphics, live blogging, slideshows, audio and video.

Under the direction of Committee Co-Chairs Sara Kelly of National University and Lynne Perri of American University, the students will be getting right to work. In the weeks leading up to ONA10, they’ll give attendees a comprehensive preview, including details on session topics and interviews with conference presenters and speakers.

Once again, the high overall quality of our applicants made the selection process particularly challenging. Chosen from applicants across the United States and Canada, they boast an impressive combination of professional experience and academic credentials.

The students are:

  • Adrianna Amato, Sophomore, University of Missouri
  • Caitlin Coughlan, Senior, UMass Amherst
  • Caitlin Dewey, Senior, Syracuse University
  • Paula Echevarria, Graduate Student, University of Miami
  • Keisha Frazier, Junior, Temple University
  • Molly Gray, Junior, Ohio State University
  • Heather Hodder, Senior, George Washington University
  • Amanda Hofmockel, Senior, Penn State University
  • Ethan Klapper, Senior, American University
  • Kevin Loker, Junior, George Mason University
  • Grace Muller, Senior, Penn State University
  • Kim Nowacki, Junior, University of Southern California
  • Melissa Quijada, Junior, University of Maryland
  • Nyssa Rabinowitz, Senior, Michigan State
  • David Reinbold, Graduate Student, American University
  • Lauren SantaCruz, Graduate Student, University of Miami
  • Lauren Slavin, Junior, Towson University
  • Nicole Stempak, Senior, Kent State University
  • Elizabeth Wagner, Graduate Student, New York University
  • Kate Yanchulis, Junior, University of Maryland

The students will work with the following academic and professional mentors:

  • Sara Kelly, National University, Student Newsroom Chair
  • Lynne Perri, American University, Student Newsroom Chair
  • Eric Athas, Washington Post Digital
  • Curt Chandler, Penn State University
  • Steve Elfers, USA Today
  • Chris Harvey, University of Maryland
  • Retha Hill, Arizona State University
  • Garrett Hubbard, USA Today
  • Kate Kennedy, Catholic University
  • Steve Klein, George Mason University
  • Amy Kovac-Ashley,
  • Yvonne Latty, New York University
  • Sally Lehrman, Santa Clara University
  • Thom Lieb, Towson University
  • Matt Mansfield, Northwestern University
  • Doug Mitchell, Webbmedia Group
  • Laura Elizabeth Pohl, George Washington University/Thomas B. Fordham Institute
  • Ken Rogerson, Duke University
  • Ingrid Sturgis, Howard University

Check back often for students’ photos and bios — as well as their coverage of ONA10!


  1. http://garrett%20hubbard
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    Hey Students. Who is studying video or photojournalism? I'm looking for a mentee who is passionate, creative, and wants to tell visual stories. let me know @garrettsvisuals

  2. http://Paula%20Echevarria
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    Hey Garret, I'm all of the aforementioned and I'm studying multimedia journalism at the University of Miami. I'm interested in learning under your guidance and I would love to be considered for the role., @PechezMedia