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Where people get their news

Social media, news on the Web, or smartphone applications? Where do people around Washington, D.C., get their news? On the street, people said they get their news from a variety of sources, and many said they use a combination for their news consumption.

iPad apps used at conference

Look at some of the apps your fellow attendees are using at the conference on their iPad.

Sneak preview: Banquet boasts wine & awards

We thought we would take an alternative look at the making of tonight’s banquet:

Public data apps diseminate difficult to obtain data

Panelists for ONA’s Creating Killer Apps with Public Data told an audience of about a couple hundred Saturday morning that easy-to-read apps can help citizens learn about and better understand their communities.

Putting a boot to the rear of the industry

The auditorium wasn’t as packed as the previous session featuring Amy Webb’s top tech trends, but from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m., audience members had the unique experience of participating in a live podcast. New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen and visiting NYU scholar Dave Winer hosted an edition of “Rebooting the News,” a podcast […]

Many new contenders vie for Board of Directors

With polls soon closing for the Board of Directors election, ONA members have had ample opportunities to meet and chat with the 22 candidates and the four new Advisory Board members. The latest opportunity to meet the candidates vying for the six seats available on the ONA Board of Directors came at the ONA conference […]

J-schools: Redesigning the future

There’s one thing to know about J-schools today, and it’s not print or broadcast. Students instead should take an early introduction to multimedia course as part of their foundation in journalism, a panel of journalism professors said Saturday at the 2010 Online News Association Conference in Washington, D.C. “Most of these students think journalism is […]

Hacks and hackers

The intersection of journalism and technology is really at the heart of ONA. It makes sense, then, that somewhere among the panel discussions on real-time reporting, content sharing and the latest tech trends, there’d be at least one meet-up — not held in the hotel bar — devoted to introducing journalists to developers.

Tech trends: Webb's hits and misses from '09

When it comes to emerging technologies for real world-application in communications, Amy Webb’s often right on the mark. Or even ahead of it. Sometimes, however, news groups don’t buy in. Here’s Webb’s list of 10 tech trends from 2009, with a short status update on where they are and how companies are using them now. […]

No winner for new student award

“We’re not just going to give an award because it’s a statue we have”